10 facts about K9 Vajra and howitzer M777 artillery guns

K9 Vajra and howitzer M777 artillery guns These two Artillery guns were admitted on 9th November in the Indian Army. In a program at Deolali Artillery Center in Maharashtra, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman officially included both of them in the army. By 2020 total 100 K9 and 145 M777 will be included for use in the army. What their specialty is, how the Indian Army will benefit from them, what is the special thing about this deal, find them in these 10 points.

1. These are both 155 mm of guns. MM in guns means that the area (i.e. diameter) is where the shotgun emerges. How big is the mouth of a sphere. The bigger the mouth, the greater the volume, the greater the size of the ball coming from it. In technical terms it is called bore size of barrel.

2. K9 Vajra will be used in the plains and desert areas. India will deploy them for Pakistan on its western border. M777 is much more favorable for hilly areas. These are quite light weight guns.

3. In November 2016, India had a deal with the US. It was decided that 145 M777 will be manufactured for the Indian Army. Their total cost will be Rs 5,070 crore

4. M777 guns are manufactured by UK’s aerospace company BAE Systems. It gave India the first two M777 in May 2017. The Indian Army sent it to Pokhran. So that their range and data and other related things can be prepared. In September 2017, one of the two guns had problems. Its barrel damaged in an accident. After this, three more M777s were delivered to India. Similarly, 20 more guns will be delivered. After this 120 guns will be made in India. It will be made with Mahindra in partnership.

5. M777 has been used in Iraq and Afghanistan war. Besides the plains and desert areas, they can also be used in high mountain areas. A helicopter will be required to move to high altitude areas.

6. K9 Vajra Deal is about Rs 4,300 crores. It is also used South Korea’s army. India has joined hands with South Korea’s arms manufacturer, ‘ Hanwha Techwin‘ for this. Larsen & Turbo will partner in India

7. The maximum range of K9 is to be 28 to 38 kilometers. There are three types of firing modes in K9 Thunderbolt. The first burst mode, in which there will be three rounds of fire within 30 seconds. The second mode is the intense mode, in which the arrows will be fired. Firing up to 15 rounds within three minutes. The name of the third mode is Sustained. In this, there will be 60 round firing within an hour. That is, a round in one minute.

8. India has to get a total of 100 K9 guns from Hanwha Techwin which is South Korea’s Largest Defense Supplier. Along with this deal, his entry into the Indian market has been done. Out of the 100 guns that Indian Army will meet, 90 of them have to be assembled in India alone. These 10 guns of the initial consignment are coming in November 2018, they have been made in South Korea. They will be their final assembly in the Strategic Systems Complex at L & T in Talegaon, near Pune, Maharashtra.

9. M777 has maximum capacity of 30 km. These gun systems will be of great help to the Indian Army near the border of China and Pakistan.

10. This is the first time after the Bofors deal when guns have been entered at such a large level in the Indian Army’s Artillery Division.

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