24 ISIS terrorists from Kerala surrendered in Afghanistan

More than 225 Members of the terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS) have been captured by Afghanistan Armed Forces in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. ISIS terrorists have surrendered to Afghan security forces. 

It is being told that among the people who surrender before Afghan security forces, there are 24 members of Indian origin family, including many children and women.

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Picture of 13 ISIS terrorists surrendered in Afghanistan:

ISIS terrorists surrendered in Afghanistan

According to Afghan security forces, this family of surrendering terrorists belongs to the state of Kerala in India. They surrendered in eastern Nangarhar province when Afghan security forces conducted operations against the terrorists.

ISIS women & Children surrendered in Afghanistan

Afghan Army Lieutenant Rehan Khan informed about the ISIS terrorists of Indian origin who surrendered to Afghan Army.

Earlier on November 16, a total of 241 members of the terrorist group Islamic State (IS) surrendered to the Government of Afghanistan in Nangarhar province. A statement from the security forces in Afghanistan said that a total of 241 ISIS members have surrendered in Achin and Mohman Dera districts in last three days.

Which included 71 men, 63 women and 107 children. Officials said that the ISIS group is active in Nangarhar and neighboring Kunar and Nuristan provinces.

60 Pakistani National ISIS terrorists surrendered to Afghan Army
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