10 suspected terrorists arrested in Delhi by NIA

10 suspected terrorists arrested. In advanced stage of planning terror strike including possible fidayeen attack. Country made Rocket Launcher, 12 pistols recovered. They Wanted to make 100+ bombs for terror attacks as said by IG of NIA Alok Mittal.

IG NIA Alok mittal said, ” In touch with `one handler’ overseas. ISIS inspired module of local terrorists. They Wanted to carry out explosions & target some individuals. It appears to be highly radicalized. They are in touch with each other on WhatsApp & TeleGram. They wanted to make pipe bombs, 120 clocks recovered “

He further said, ” ISIS inspired module started 3-4 months ago. They were making some kind of bullet proof vest for a `fidayeen attack’. Arrests happened in Seelampur, Jaffarabad, Amroha in Delhi & Uttar Pradesh. Rs 7.5 lakh cash recovered and 135 simcards & more than 100 mobile phones were also recovered. NIA has raided the 17 places in UP & Delhi”

IG NIA: Searches have been conducted in Delhi’s Seelampur and UP’s Amroha, Hapur, Meerut and Lucknow. Large quantities of explosive material, weapons and ammunition including a country made rocket launcher have been recovered so far. pic.twitter.com/y3eh1D4IiK— ANI (@ANI) December 26, 2018

IG NIA: Total amount worth Rs 7.5 lakh recovered, nearly 100 mobile phone, 135 SIM cards, laptops and memory also seized. Some of the searches are still underway. After intial interrrogation of the 16 suspects, we have decided to arrest 10 accused. pic.twitter.com/eKUoE3Ouyk— ANI (@ANI) December 26, 2018

IG NIA: Their targets were political persons and other important personalities and vital and security intallations. pic.twitter.com/xN7Wta9LQM— ANI (@ANI) December 26, 2018

IG NIA: Level of preparation suggests their aim was to carry out explosions in near future by remote control blasts & fidayeen attacks. This is a new ISIS inspired module, they were in touch with a foreign agent. Identities are yet to be established. pic.twitter.com/7BEZvvtukE— ANI (@ANI) December 26, 2018

IG NIA: The gang leader of the module is called Mufti Sohail who stays in Delhi and is a native of Amroha in UP where he works at a mosque. pic.twitter.com/bQ9o1NDqYL— ANI (@ANI) December 26, 2018

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