100 Indian Army Soldiers Carry Pregnant Woman On Stretcher To Reach Hospital In Heavy Snow

Today is Army Day and everyone is saluting the army soldiers. Meanwhile, a picture has emerged from Jammu and Kashmir, which shows that the Indian Army is ready for every moment, not only to fight the enemies but also to help the common people. In Jammu and Kashmir, 100 army personnel walked in the snow for four hours and brought a pregnant woman to the hospital, where her delivery was done.

On Tuesday, the Indian Army’s Chinar Corps was told that there is heavy snowfall in the valley these days, due to which snow has fallen to the waist.

Meanwhile, a pregnant woman named Shamima was about to be delivered and needed to be rushed to the hospital immediately. But in the village, there was no such facility.

It is said in the army statement that an expecting mother Shamima, required emergency hospitalisation during heavy snowfall. For 4 hours, over 100 Army personnel&30 civilians walked along while she was being carried on stretcher through snow. The woman gave birth to the child after reaching the hospital. Now both women and children are safe.

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