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Kleos introduces RF monitoring missions that are dedicated and taskable

ByKarol Donimirski

May 5, 2022

Customers will be able to order dedicated, taskable radio frequency monitoring capabilities from Kleos Space starting April 25. Kleos, a Luxembourg-based startup that uses 3 clusters of 4 satellites to detect and locate RF signals, has developed a new business model. Kleos, situated in Luxembourg, has given RF monitoring data to both government and commercial users to date.

In a statement, Andy Bowyer, who works as the Kleos CEO said, “Our interactions with national security agencies, government departments, and commercial entities have underlined a rising demand for a dedicated mission capacity, including unlimited access.”

Kleos will provide customers with “exclusive access to Kleos’ dedicated, in-orbit radiofrequency reconnaissance satellite clusters for specified periods of time and capacity” under the new Mission-as-a-Service model, according to a press statement issued on April 25. “Each Mission-as-a-Service deal will be tailored to the customer’s requirements and needs, including the proportion of satellite capacity necessary, the requisite level of taskability, and the associated data rights.”

Kleos will keep selling data from its constellation, that might potentially grow to 20 satellite clusters. Kleos launched its third cluster into orbit on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rideshare venture on April 1st. In a few months, another cluster of 4 Kleos spacecraft will be launched.

Multiple consumers can access the same commercial dataset through Kleo’s Data-as-a-Service business. The Mission-as-a-Service model, on the other hand, is “designed to fulfill the precise intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance requirements of each individual customer mission,” according to Bowyer.

Data service contracts rely on huge volumes to compensate for low contract values, whereas the Mission-as-a-Service deals are predicted to be more expensive. “This mix of offerings reflects the evolving balance of needs between commercial and non-commercial customers,” Bowyer added.

Kleos is a Luxembourg-based space-activated radio-frequency Reconnaissance data-as-a-service provider with offices in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Kleos detects radio broadcasts in major locations of interest throughout the world, quickly revealing data points that reveal human activity on water and land. Proprietary RF Data (radio frequency data) is gathered, sent to the ground, analyzed, and given to consumers around the world using clusters of 4 satellites.

Customers, particularly analytics and intelligence organizations, will license data for commercial and government use cases on a subscription model (Data-as-a-Service, commonly abbreviated as DaaS), allowing for speedy decision-making.

The Scouting Mission (KSM), Kleos’ first satellite cluster, was deployed in November 2020 and is currently collecting data as a test and technological demonstration.

The Vigilance Mission, the company’s second satellite cluster, effectively launched in June of 2021, and the Patrol Mission deployed in April 2022. The Observer Mission, Kleos’ fourth cluster, is planned to deploy in mid-2022. These satellite clusters will serve as the backbone of a worldwide high-capacity network of a maximum of 20 satellite clusters that will provide high-value global observation.

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