12,00 Kashmiri students threatened to leave the AMU due to Manan wani

A new twist has emerged in the ongoing dispute over arranging a mourning rally in Aligarh Muslim University ( AMU ) in the Encounter of Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Manan Wani. Now many students here have asked the University administration to withdraw the action taken against the students who raised the Azadi slogans and Namaz-E-Janaza for terrorist Manan Wani .

They have warned that if the University administration does not do this, then 12,00 Kashmiri students will return to their homes on October 17 by surrendering their degrees to the University administration. Students have also accused university administration of discriminating with Kashmiri students.

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Students said that the University administration suspended the two Kashmiri students.  Cause notice has been issued against Seven students. They have been charged with serious charges. Since then all the Kashmiri students are in fear. If the university administration does not withdraw its action, then we will leave the university collectively. They said that on 17th October is the birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the founder of the AMU university. On the same day 12,000 students will return their degrees.

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In a letter sent by the Vice President of AMU Students Union and Kashmiri student Sajjad Subham Rather, he said, “We all are worried about the security of Kashmiri students. If the university administration does not meet our demand, then all 12,00 students will leave the university. The university administration will be responsible for our leaving from the university.

What is the case?

Hizbul Mujahid’s terrorist Manan Wani, who was a research scholar of AMU, was killed by Indian Army during an operation in Kupwara. After the death of terrorist Manan Wani, some students started gathering near the art faculty in AMU, in which the number of Kashmiri students were high. These students started reading Namaz-e-Janaza after the death of Mannan Wani  but when the AMU administration and some senior students stopped them from doing so. After which these students started slogan of Azaadi-Azaadi.

Here is the video of AZAADI slogan in AMU:

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