Arujna Awardee and 17 gold medals winner is selling ice cream on the road

On one hand, the Indian government does not miss the claim that they are taking stringent measures to improve the condition of the sports in India but there is a case which is shameful for Indian Govt. In order to win each medal, the players dedicate their entire life to that game, while an Arjuna Award winner has been forced to sell Kulfi(Ice-cream) on the road to take away the father’s debt in Haryana.

This is the shocking story of an international boxer, Dinesh Kumar from Haryana who has won 17 gold medals, 1 silver medals and 5 Bronze medals in Boxing at international level for India but now he is selling kulfi on the road to pay off his loan which is taken by his father for his boxing so that he could play at international tournaments.

After sustaining an injury in a road accident, his father had to borrow money for his treatment. This came when his father was already burdened with a loan that he had taken to send his son to compete at the international level.

Boxer Dinesh Kumar said, “My father took loan so that I could play at international tournaments. To repay the loan, I have to sell ice-creams with him. Neither the present nor the previous government helped me. I request the govt to help and give me a stable job” 

Dinesh kumar has been also awarded with the Arjuna Award which is very prestigious award in sports in India.

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