1st Paramvir Chakra: Story of Soldier who fought with 500 enemies

Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest bravery is military honor, which is provided for war and sacrifice in the presence of enemy warriors. Major Somnath Sharma was first honored with Param Vir Chakra in the year 1950.

Major Somnath Sharma
Major Somnath Sharma(Centre)

Somnath Sharma was a JAWAN of Indian Army who took iron from enemies after the fracture in one hand and decided not to go back even after the huge number of enemies. He was rewarded with the Param Vir Chakra (posthumous) for the his gallant work in Jammu and Kashmir. Major Somnath Sharma was a young man of the fourth battalion of the Kumaon regiment.

Major Somnath Sharma PVC

Major Somnath was born on January 31, 1923 in Kangra, Punjab province. Somnath Sharma’s father Amar Nath Sharma was also an officer in the British Indian Army. Somnath Sharma completed his schooling at Sherwood College, Nainital, before enrolling in the Prince of Wales Royal Military College, Dehradun. He later studied at Royal Military College, Sandhurst. After completing his graduation, on 22 February 1942, Somnath Nath Sharma was selected in the 8th battalion in the 19th Hyderabad Regiment of the British Indian Army. He used to perform well in sports and athletics since his childhood. After joining the army, he was sent to the war zone near Malaya with the onset of World War II.


Somnath Sharma, who was known as a special soldier on his own strength and capabilities, always kept his GEETA(Religious book) in his pocket. When Sharma was martyred, he could only be identified due to Geeta and his favorite pistol in his pocket. Somnath Sharma was martyred in the Indo-Pak war (1947-48). Before he was defeated by his enemies, he had declared that no matter how many enemies are there, we will fight untill one of his soldiers or his regiment survives.

Major Somnath Sharma

Only a few days after independence, India was witness to the Battle of Badgam. At that time, hundreds of tribal people were entering Kashmir Valley in large numbers and their purpose was to capture Airfield so that the Indian army could not be reached. At present, Brig LP Singh sent one of the petrol companies to Badgam. Their job was to find infiltrating Tribals. Although two regiments were later called back and the fourth battalion of the Kumaon Regiment was there in that area, whose command was in the hands of Major Somnath Sharma.

During patroling on 3 November 1947, Major Somnath Sharma and his team saw the movement of the Kabbals at 2:30 p.m. and They was surrounded by the enemy. During that time Major Sharma right arm was fracture, because he was injured while playing hockey a few days ago. Because of that he didn’t not able to handle the gun, so he kept helping the regiment and gave magazine to other soldiers and ran away from one post to another post. At this time, around 500 Pakistani soldiers of the Tribe Forces were attacking the Indian Army by staging 3-inch and 2-inch mortars. It is said that the number of the Kabbaliwalas was seven times more than the number of their regiments and they did not leave the front after being fully wounded. 

The last message Major Somnath Sharma sent to the Brigadier Quarter before martyrdom was – the enemy is just 50 steps away from us. Their number is much more than us. We are being attacked badly but I will not be able to retreat even an inch. We will fight till the last soldier and the last bullet. Before the other battalion reached there, he and his regiment were martyred before that. But he drove 200 Kabbals to death and saved the Kashmir valley from the Kabbals.

Major Somnath Sharma PVC
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