2 Civil Defence Employees Arrested For Sending Army Info To Pak ISI

Military Intelligence and Rajasthan police have arrested two civil defence employees for sending Indian Army information about strategic Army installations to the Pakistani intelligence Agency ‘ISI’.

Two arrested civil defence employees have been idefied as Vikas Kumar (29) and Chiman Lal (22). Vikas Kumar (29) worked as civil defence employee at an Army Ammunition Depot and Chiman Lal (22) worked as a civil contractual employee of Army”s Mahajan Field Firing Range (MFFR).

Both the Ammunition Depot in Shri Ganganagar and Mahajan Field Firing Range (MMFR) in Bikaner are strategically important for western command of Indian Army.

Vikas Kumar was honey-trapped by a female Pakistani Intelligence Operative (PIO), on Facebook. The PIO made a fake account on the name of Hindu woman ”Anoshka Chopra” based in India.

During interrogation, Vikas Kumar said that he had received a friend request from ”Anoshka Chopra” in March or April last year and he had accepted.

Anoshka Chopra Account

According to sources, They became very friendly shared their WhatsApp numbers with each other and started chatting and making audio/video calls. Anoshka Chopra was using an Indian WhatsApp number and she claimed that she was working at Canteen Store Department (CSD) headquarters in Mumbai.

According to Military Intelligence, Vikas Kumar used to send the information related to ORBAT (Order of Battle; composition and order of a military fighting formation), ammunition (photos, state, quantity, type, arrival, departure), units coming for firing practice/ military exercise to MFFR, personality traits of senior army officers to Pakistani intelligence agency and he also received payments in three of his own and his brother’s bank accounts.

Chiman Lal used to send photos of “water- distribution-register” of Army”s Mahajan Field Firing Range (MFFR) with all their details.

Vivek Kumar confessed that he had received Rs 75,000 out of which he paid around Rs 9,000 to Lal for his assistance.

Vivek Kumar is a resident of village Bahadurwas, of district Jhunjhunu and Chiman Lal is a resident of village Ajitmana of district Bikaner. Vivek kumarĀ is son of a retired Army personnel.

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