Watch: 20 Kg python caught alive by wife of Indian Navy officer

A video is going viral on social media where a woman is being seen holding a 20 kg Python alive. The 1:26 minute video has been shared by Twitter user Harinder Sikka, which has more than 35 thousands views. 

While sharing the video, Sikka wrote in the caption, “20 Kg python caught alive by wife of senior Navy officer.Leave aside women, wonder how many men can show such guts.”

The python was spotted in a colony in Ernakulam city in Kerala. The Python was hiding in a small meadow under the tree. Vidya (Wife of Naval officer) grabbed the Python’s neck and put it into bag.

Watch the Video:

A girl and three naval officers were present with Vidya. Vidya along with two other men grabbed the python from two ends and put it inside a bag. Another person was recording the video. Vidya was putting the python in the bag and calling it ‘baby-baby’. 

On Twitter people praised Vidya very much. Here is the some reaction of People :

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