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Catalonia Will Eliminate Quarantines In The Classroom From Wednesday

ByVik Singh

Feb 22, 2022

The Departments of Education and Health of the Generalitat have proposed to eliminate the quarantines of close contacts of a positive case of coronavirus in the school environment as of Wednesday.

In a statement, they have explained that, for practical purposes, the Covid case management protocol “will be without effect this Wednesday” –close contacts will no longer be identified or quarantines indicated–, and it will only continue to be applied in health centers. special education.

In the same way, only special education centers will continue to use the Tra├žacovid application, and for the rest of the centers this Tuesday will be the last day of update: schools and families must not communicate if the reason for the absence from class is due to coronavirus.

For this reason, antigen test prescriptions for teachers will no longer be issued, and only tests financed for special education students who have been close contacts will be maintained.

These guidelines, according to the Generalitat, follow the recommendations of the Public Health Commission of the Ministry of Health: “The identification of close contacts will only be carried out in those areas in which exposure is considered high risk due to the presence of people with a greater vulnerability such as health centers and residences for the elderly or other social health centers”.

The Generalitat has assured that children and young people have shown that “they are not, in general terms, a risk group”, and the measures that will remain will be the mask indoors, stable coexistence groups and the need to ventilate the rooms well. classrooms, as well as hygienic measures that go beyond Covid.

Public Health will continue to monitor the effect of the coronavirus in schools and, if at any time it is necessary to take any action, will work with the affected center as in any other environment.

School references
The Generalitat has explained that the end of the instructions for quarantine and closer monitoring of the school environment will allow school leaders to be fully integrated into the usual work of primary care teams.

The Departments of Education and Health have sent a letter to schools and health centers, respectively, informing of the completion of these indications.

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