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FSIE Asks Education Not To Exclude Concerted From The Debate On Teaching Profession

ByVik Singh

Feb 22, 2022

FSIE asks Education not to exclude concerted and private from the debate on the teaching profession. Teachers exercise the profession in concerted and private centers and cannot be excluded from the debate.

The Federation of Independent Teaching Unions (FSIE) requested this Monday to the Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Pilar Alegría, that the proposals that affect teaching professionals “be debated and negotiated at the sectoral table of concerted teaching as established in the Organic Law of Education (LOE)”.

“30% of teachers practice the profession in concerted and private centers and cannot be excluded from the debate, so we hope that the Ministry will open the way for dialogue with the organizations that represent them,” said Jesús Pueyo, secretary general of FSIE, within the framework of the meeting of the permanent commission of the State School Council (CEE), where Alegría attended to present the document with 24 proposalsof improvement for the reform of the teaching profession.

For the union, “the necessary labor and salary improvements are of special importance, which in the case of concerted education professionals must be comparable to their counterparts in the public service.” “Issues as important as initial and permanent training, teacher qualifications, access to private centers, internships, and labor and salary conditions must be discussed, negotiated, and agreed upon at the sectoral table,” explained Pueyo. In this context, the federation conveyed to the minister “its total willingness to collaborate so that the improvement of the teaching profession, of all teachers, is a reality.”

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