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La Salle Convenes A Congress To Reinvent Education In The Age Of Uncertainty

ByVik Singh

Feb 22, 2022

The educational institution La Salle will hold the conference ‘EQUIS. A question about being, context and education’, to make a call to the entire educational sector for the “reinvention of education” in the “age of uncertainty”.

The meeting will bring together specialists in subjects and disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, geopolitics, artificial intelligence, and will have the vision of aid workers , entrepreneurs, in addition to the testimony of teachers and students, and the assessment of families, according to reports La Salle in a statement.

Among the speakers are the philosopher and secretary general of the Network of Catholic Schools, Pedro Huerta; the entrepreneur and reference in artificial intelligence Idoia Salazar; the naturalist and popularizer, Nacho Dean; the young student Marta Borrell, who has taken her demands on education to the UN after recording a documentary in Mozambique; and the journalist and director of ‘Teaching’, José María de Moya.

Likewise, the congress will feature the psychologist María Jesús Álava-Reyes; the engineer, businessman and founder of the ‘Know Square’ think tank, Juan Fernández-Aceytuno; the doctor, aid worker, former president of Doctors Without Borders and writer, Paula Farias; and the member of the La Salle District Team and former president of Wikimedia Spain, Jorge Sierra.

Among the questions that the participants will try to answer, the following stand out: “What school model can I propose taking into account my identity? How to accompany our students in the construction of their person? How to develop a critical judgment in the face of excess information “How do algorithmically controlled social media affect students? How do you prepare students for a world of ideological polarization?”

In this forum, La Salle will also present some of the keys to its renewed pedagogical model , New Learning Context (NCA), a large-scale project that eliminates books, timetables, the rigidity of compartmentalized subjects and classrooms. conventional.

The congress is open to public administrations, the Catholic Schools Network, public, concerted or private centers, companies specialized in educational innovation, as well as consultants, educators and the school community as a whole.

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