3 Indian Army Soldiers Martyred in Punjab due to Truck-Army Ambulance Collision

A major road accident has taken place on Abohar-Bathinda Road in Punjab on 28 November 2019. On Thursday, there was a collision between a truck and army ambulance, in which three army personnel lost their lives. All three soldiers were in an army ambulance. It is being told that this accident happened in attempt to save stray animals on the road.

The soldiers who lost their lives in this incident, were identified as subedar Jeetpal of Kangra (Himachal Pradesh), naib-subedar Ajit Singh of Hisar (Haryana) and naik N Pandya of Tamil Nadu. Two other soldiers also injured in this incident. They were identified as driver DS Pal and rifleman Devinder. They were taken to Army hospital, near Chandigarh.

Army ambulance was totally damaged by Truck due to collision. The truck driver escaped from the scene after the accident. At the same time, the police have registered a case and started investigation. When this accident happened, the locals reached for help. After this, army personnel who were injured in the accident were admitted to the hospital.

After this accident, the local people demanded from the government that the government should find a solution to the stray animals growing on the road. Due to stray animals , road accidents are happening and people are dying due to this.

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