3 ISIS Terrorist planning to Attack Delhi, One Is A Accused of Love Jihad Case

On 25 November 2019, Delhi Police Special cell has arrested three ISIS terrorist from Assam who were planning to plant bomb in Raas mela of Assam. The name of three arrested terrorists are Ranjeet Islam, Zameel Zaman And Mukadir Islam. All three were caught from Goalpara in Assam with bomb-making materials and IEDs.

According to the information, they were planning for a big terrorist attack in Delhi. These terrorists were about to blast the IED as a test run at the Raas Mela, a local fair of Assam. After this test, their target was Delhi.

Zameel Zaman, one of the 3 Islamic State (ISIS) inspired terrorists arrested by special cell of Police from Assam, lives in Krishnoi area of ​​Assam. Zameel Zaman had an affair with a Hindu girl 7 months ago.

Zameel Zaman
Zameel Zaman

When the people of the area came to know, the news of love jihad angle spread throughout the area, after which Zameel Zaman and the girl had a breakup. The photo of Zameel Zaman and Hindu girl had become viral on social media, after which people of the area were behind Jameel and the matter also went to the police.

Zameel Zaman, confessed his love jihad case after questioning. After this incident, he came in contact with group leader Ranjit Ali. He became radicalised and learnt to make bombs from ISIS bomb-making videos on Telegram. He has been greatly polarized by Telegram. All three used to continuously read about Islam and Jihad on social media.

Zameel Zaman used to work in the Aadhaar Center as a supervisor While Ranjeet Ali worked at a fish market and Mukadir Islam was unemployed. All the three are between 22 and 24 years of age.

There are some people in Delhi who were in contact with them. 1 IED, 1 kg explosives and 2 special knives have been recovered from these three ISIS terrorists. They learned to create IEDs by watching videos on Telegram shared by ISIS accounts.

Materials recovered by Police

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