3 Kashmiri Students Arrested In Karnataka For Raising Slogans In Support Of Pakistan

Three Kashmiri students studying at KLE Engineering College, Hubli, Karnataka, have been arrested for raising slogans in support of Pakistan. These seditious slogans were chanted on 14 February when the whole country was mourning in the remembrance of Pulwama attack. People are angry after the video went viral. Taking immediate action, the Karnataka Police arrested the three students on Saturday.

According to the information received from the police, the three students are residents of Kashmir. They chanted the theme song of Pakistan Army in their hostel room and raised Pakistan Zindabad slogan.

Watch The Video:

A young man who describes himself as Basit is saying in Kashmiri language that “My name is Basit and I am a resident of Sopore. These are my friends Aamir and Talib, we are fine here. InshaAllah! You You will be fine there too. There is no need to worry. After this, a song is played praising Pakistan, which they are seen singing.

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