4 Pakistanis with ISI agent enter in India, Govt issues high alert

In Sirohi district of Rajasthan, on Monday, four Pakistani men with Pak ISI agent have entered in Rajasthan-Gujarat border. After receiving the information, a high alert has been issued. According to information, four members with ISI agents have entered in the country on Afghanistan passports. After which high alert has been issued across the country along the Rajasthan-Gujarat border.

Since the issue of high alert, strict security arrangements have been made at the border areas of Sirohi district by SP Kalyan Mal Meena on the instructions of the Inspector General of Police. Vehicles are being checked at Maval and Chhapari outpost of Aburoad Rajasthan-Gujarat border in Sirohi district. Kalyanmal Meena, Superintendent of Police of Sirohi district, has issued a message to all the police stations of the district.

In this message, it has been written that four members with ISI agents have entered the border of the country on Afghanistan passports who can carry out any attack and due to this, high alert has been issued in the country including Rajasthan and Gujarat. After getting the information, the police has increased the security and vehicles are being checked everywhere.

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