40 Sukhoi fighter aircrafts will be equipped with world fastest cruise missile

After Balakote air strikes, the government has decided to speed up the process of equipping more than 40 Sukhoi fighter aircraft with the Brahmos supersonic cruise missile. Official sources said on Sunday that the purpose of this intensive monitoring project is to strengthen the combat capabilities of the Indian Air Force.

Official sources told that Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and Brahmos Aerospace Ltd have been asked to implement the project so that it can be completed before the scheduled deadline of December 2020. In 2016, the government decided to deploy the world’s fastest supersonic cruise missile in more than 40 Sukhoi fighter jets. Sources said though, the real work on the project started by the end of 2017, although its implementation is quite slow.

Officials said that the methods of strengthening the Indian Air Force were reviewed in the backdrop of Balakot air strikes and after Pakistan’s counter-reaction and it was felt to equip Sukhoi aircraft to Brahmos as soon as possible & It Should be priority.

Sources said that the government is taking several steps to strengthen the air force’s combat capability. HAL has been specifically asked to put additional manpower and resources to accelerate the Brahmos project.

Once the project is completed, the power to penetrate any target in the sea or land from the long distance of the air force is likely to increase manifold. To equip 40 fleet of Sukhoi aircraft missiles, their structural modifications are being done in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. Brahmos missile is the heaviest weapon deployed on India’s Sukhoi-30 fighter aircraft.

Features of Brahmos Missile

  • Type: Cruise missile, Air-launched cruise missile, Anti-ship missile, Land-attack missile, Surface-to-surface missile.
  • Used By: Indian Army, Indian Navy &Indian Air Force.
  • Developed By: India & Russia
  • Speed: Mach 2.8–Mach 3 (3,400–3,700 km/h)
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