45,634 vacancy in Indian Army. Details of upcoming state-wise recruitment camps

The total posts vacant in the Army as on 01.01.2019 are 45,634, including 7,399 posts of commissioned officers .  Recruitment in the Army is a continuous process and vacancies occur due to various reasons like accretions of posts from time to time, tough selection procedures, difficult service conditions coupled with perceived high degree of risk involved in the service career as also inherent limitation of number that could be trained without compromising the quality of training.Vacancies are filled progressively through recruits who complete training.

Recruitment in Indian Army is done through Army Recruiting Offices (AROs) in all States. Recruitment from each district of the country is done at least once in the Recruiting Year (April to March). Details of the State-wise recruitment camps held during the last three years and proposed during the current Recruitment Year 2019-20 are as under.

@         Goa State covered in Satara (Maharashtra) rally in 2017-18 and Kolhapur rally in 2018-19 conducted by ARO Kolhapur.

$          Goa State will be covered in Ratnagiri (Maharashtra) rally to be conducted in 2019-20 by ARO Kolhapur.

#          UT of Lakshadweep covered in Kannur (Kerala State) rally in 2017-18 &Agaati rally in 2018-19 conducted by ARO, Calicut.

Two army recruitment camps were held in Madurai on 11-20 November 2016 and 18-24 August 2017.

This information was given by RakshaMantri Shri Rajnath Singh in a written reply to Shri D. Kupendra Reddy in Rajya Sabha on 24th June, 2019.

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