629 Pakistani girls sold for prostitution in the name of marrying Chinese boys: Report

Some of the youth of China are exploiting the women of poor and weak sections of Pakistan who are friendly to China, yes it has been revealed that many girls of Pakistan have been misguided and taken to China. Then they were pushed into the work of body trade in china, it has been revealed in a report.

The story of about 629 poor girls and women in Pakistan is very sad, they were married to Chinese men and then taken to China, but there they were forcibly pushed into the sex trade business. About 629 girls and women from Pakistan were sold as brides to men in China who took them to China. This list has been prepared by Pakistani investigators who have pledged to crack down the networks of human traffickers who exploit the poor and vulnerable people of the country.

This list provides the most accurate number of women trapped in human trafficking traps since 2018. But after this list came out in June, the speed of the investigators’ aggressive campaign against the networks suddenly stopped. Officials aware of the investigation say that this is due to pressure from government officials who fear damaging Pakistan’s profitable relations with China.

According to AP News report, Investigators put together the list of 629 women from Pakistan’s integrated border management system, who went to China and It has digitally recorded in the travel documents at the country’s airports. The brides’ national identity numbers, their Chinese husbands’ names and the dates of their marriages are recorded in these documents.

The investigative agencies of Pakistan are trying to find this network of human trafficking . The most poor and vulnerable sections of the country are the victims of human trafficking. 

Their life becomes more pathetic after being trapped in this crime network. There is also a total number of women trafficked since 2018, according to the list with the news agency.

A senior official told, this business of profit is still going on. The news agency AP interviewed the officer thousands of kilometers away from his workplace to hide his identity.

Official said, Pakistani brokers take 4 millions to 10 millions Pakistani rupees from Chinese Buyers i.e. about 25 thousand to 65 thousand US dollars for the so-called grooms but only about 200,000 rupees ($1,500), is given to the family of girls.

After years of study of this sex trade from Pakistan, Officials have found that many women reported that they were forced into the field of fertility treatment, many were physically and sexually abused and in some cases prostituted, officials said.

Officials said, although not much evidence has been found, but a case has come up in which the matter of the removal of some organs of a woman who sent to China has been revealed. 

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