A Man from Japan Accuses Pak Railway Minister Of Not Paying Car Money

Pakistan Railway minister Sheikh Rasheed who is famous for his illogical statement, has again come in limelight with a video where a man accused him for not paying money for car. This video has become viral on social media sites.

Actually Pakistan Railway Minister had bought a car from Japan of Rs 22 lakhs. He bought that car in a auction. Car was shipped from Japan to Pakistan to the Pakistan railway Minister Sheikh Rashid but He did not pay for this car yet. The man flew from Japan to demand his money.

BJP leader Sambit Patra wrote in his tweet, “This is the condition of Pakistan. Pakistan Railway Minister (Sheikh Rashid Ahmed)… who received an electric shock few days ago has not paid off the money for his car. The man from whom he took the car came to the Pakistan Parliament to take his money from the minister. This man wants to fight nuclear war with India.”

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