A Pharmacist of Mumbai municipality is one of the masterminds behind mixing poison in Mubreshwar Temple’s Mahaprasad

Maharashtra ATS has made a big revelation in Shree Mubreshwar Temple case. In interrogation with 10 arrested accused, the ATS has come to know that they were all set to flee Syria after mixing the poison in the Mahaprasad of the Shree Mubreshwar Temple . In the inquiry, They told that their plan was to terrorize Kafir (non-Muslim) through explosion and poison.

After mixing the poison in the Mahaprasad of the Shree Mubreshwar Temple, They wanted to fight for Islamic State(ISIS) in Syria.

According to Mumbai Mirror report, one of the accused Talha Potrik had attempted to mix poison in the MahaPrasad during the Shrimadh Bagwat Katha organised at the temple in December last year. Approx 40,000 people had eaten the Mahaprasad that day. Their plan was to kill 40,000 people at a time by mixing poison.

The accused Abu Kittal (Jamman) is a Pharmacist by profession and has been an employee in Municipal Corporation of Mumbai . Abu Kittal’s old name is Jamman Nawab Khetepad. To add poison to Mahaprasad in the temple, Abu Kittal took advantage of his Pharma knowledge and made poison according to the procedures and directions given by ISIS in the Military Science Channel( Military Science Channel is Telegram channel of IS where they teach about explosives & Poison). After that he carefully kept the poison in a bottle. According to the information, Abu Kittal also had a lot of information about chemical science and explosives.

From left: Mohsin Khan, Talha Potrick, Fahad Ansari, Jamman(Abu Kittal), Salman Khan
Pic Source: Mumbai Mirror

According to the charge sheet filed by ATS, the main accused Talha Patrik conspired to mix poison in Mahaprasad in Shree Mubreshwar Temple to kill around 40,000 people. Since the poison was very difficult to obtain from the market. In such a situation, Talha was looking for a man who had good knowledge about the chemical. His search was completed and he chose 32-year-old Abu Kittal alias Jamman Nawab Khuteupad, a resident of Mumbai, as the most special member of his team. Due to being a pharmacist by profession, it was very easy for Abu Kittal to get dangerous chemicals from the local market.

They think that if they kill such a big number of people at a time then their respect in ISIS would be increased and they would get big posts in ISIS in Syria. They were also connected the ISIS handler from Syria. Their plan was flee from India via Nepal & Bangladesh. Their plan was to flee Syria in small groups.

ATS has filed a charge sheet in this case and has identified the identity of all the suspects, 9 of them are adults and 1 suspect is minor. The accused have been identified as :

  • Talha Potrik
  • Abu Hamza
  • Mohsin Khan alias Abu Marya
  • Atai Waris Abdul Rashid Shaikh alias Mazhar
  • Mohammad Takky Khan alias Abu Khalid
  • Mushahed Ul-Islam
  • Jamman Khutepad alias Abu Kital
  • Salman Khan alias Abu Ubeda
  • Fahad Ansari.
  • The tenth accused is a minor.

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Not only Mahaprasad, Their plan was to dissolve poisoning chemicals in the water supplying lakesof Mumbai so that more and more people could be harmed. For this, the accused also had surveyed the some lakes. They did not place all the poison stuff at same place for safety. Poison were stored at home of three different accused.

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