A president Award Winner girl was raped by 12 boys including an Army personnel in Rewari,Haryana

Gangrape case has come with a 19-year-old girl honored by the President in Haryana’s Rewari district. On Thursday morning, the girl had gone out from her home for coaching, three youths living in the same village near Kanina bus stand kidnapped on the pretext of giving her a lift. After the kidnapping, 12 boys gangraped with the girl.

According to the information, after giving lift in the car, three youths named Pankaj, Manish and Nissu gave the girl some intoxicant and gir became unconscious. After this, three youths abducted and taken away from the border of Mahendergarh district, took the girl near a well built in the fields of Jhajjar district, where more people were present, and all in the condition of intoxication made him a victim of their lust and gangraped her. At 4 o’clock in the evening The girl was thrown into an uncomfortable condition at the same bus stand in Kanina by rapist boys and  they flew from there.

one of the youths who carried out the rape incident with the girl, called the girl’s house and informed about it that she was lying in a deserted condition at the bus station. When the information was received on the phone, the family of the girl reached the spot, when they saw her, They were astonished and informed the police about the matter.

Now Rewari police has released photos of the three accused, Manish (pic 1), Nishu (pic 2) and Pankaj – an Army personnel (pic 3).

Pankaj - an Army personnel
Pankaj – an Army personnel

Family is wandering here and there for justice: 

The girl is residing in the district of Rewari, so the relatives of her family filed the information in the same police station. The women police of Rewari filed zero FIR and sent it to the Kaina (Mahendragarh) police station. The Kanina police station also returned the victim, saying that the matter was outside of their border area. The victim family says that they are begging for justice everywhere for the daughter, but there is no one to hear it in the police and administration.

President Awarded the girl on Ruplic day:

On January 26, 2016, the Girl was honored by the President for bringing good number in studies. In this case, after the statements of family members came to light, the police administration is silent.

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