A six years boy gave threat to bomb blast at Patna airport

Four days ago, someone called the airport and told an official that there was a bomb at the terminal. A bomb squad and the special branch of the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) rushed to the airport and combed the entire facility but did not find anything.

patna airport file photo
patna airport file photo

In starting police understood that the caller, in an attempt to hide his real voice, spoke like a child and told the officials that there was a bomb at the airport, But This call was done by none other than, a six-year-old child, who called the threatening phone call to the premises of the Directorate of Patna airport and gave threat to bomb blast at Patna airport. He reads in the first grade. After the call came, a deep search operation was launched, though nothing was found. The case was registered in the airport police station. When the police searched the phone number then his location was found in Belagunj. It was found in the investigation that the SIM was registered on a name whose six-year-old son did this act. His Father works in Tata.

The Patna Police team reached the village of Belaganj police station in Gaya district on Monday and took  the child to airport police station . Child also had his mother and maternal uncle with him. The airport, CISF and police team investigated the six-year-old student of the first class. He easily answered the questions of all the people. During this investigation, chocolate was also given to him by police.

In investigation it was found that A six-year-old child who lives in his Maternal uncle’s house with his mother, always looks the Crime Patrol serials on TV. On a certain day, Seeing the serial, this thing came in his mind. In crime petrol a aeroplane scene was shown on that day and after seeing that show a six years child threatened the police same as shown in crime petrol.

Now the main concern that we will have to understand that these type of Tv show is affecting our children minds and we will have to try to keep the children away from these kind of TV shows.

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