A Tribute to Soldiers on Army Day

India is a country where the soldiers protect the same citizens who pelt stones at them.

These soldiers are ordinary people living in a small village in the country, very different from you and me And they are sons of poor families! People of elite class never make their children a soldier because they feel there is no special scope in the Armed Forces!

The children of farmers from the villages become soldiers, they do not even publish their stories anywhere on Facebook. We are those people who remember that army according to the dates of the calendar. our Patriotism goes out in installments. These soldiers never get the opportunity to experience the nation’s love by going to cinema halls but for the country, what is done by them every day, every moment which you and I can never do it.

It is more difficult to be able to stand on the border in the cold, the same difficulty for soldier’s family faces to live alone in that village, the same difficulty for those two children who have to go to school alone.

You see the military in pictures of the border, but None notice his father, his mother, his children and their sacrifices. Neither his father’s pride is seen nor fear of his mother. We remember those soldiers on Calender’s dates every year, either it is August 15 or January 26 or the victory day of Kargil, but we forget their families sacrifice somewhere.

When a soldier goes to the army, he does not go alone, whole family goes with him, he does not stand alone at the border in the cold, with him whole family stands there!

When the war happens, the soldier does not fight alone in that battle, with him, his whole family fight and when a soldier dies then he becomes a martyr! He does not die alone, his whole family dies with him, his family’s bread & butter is standing on the target of the bullet of enemies for the glory of the country!

Last night, I came back late in my home and there was so much cold, even after the fog of the rescue, the cold was also realized, the mobile was telling me the temperature of my city was around 20 degrees. In excitement, I searched the Siachen’s temperature which was “-27 degrees “Even the blood of the water can become ice form in that temperature!

And at the same Siachen border our brothers, somebody’s son, somebody’s father, somebody’s husband, and first of all, a young man of Indian Army, was standing in a bunker with a small snow-covered gun. After so much thinking, I burnt my room’s heater and lie down in the quilt with ease.

I got a diary of my relative’s armyman, I had read it in a few days, after reading it, I was drowned in that diary! It was written that Those are the place where oxygen also leaves its life in their half way and there is also trouble for breathing, due to low temperature, there is trouble in breathing, we eat packaged food and at the time of eating, It feels like we are eating mud. Due to the low temperature and due to lack of oxygen, the food also seems to be tasteless! It is necessary to drink water by heating the ice! Many times we get so lonely, that we have to make a talk with ourselves! And our friends are made up of some dogs, cats, birds.

The distance of our enemy from us is that they are clearly visible to us, and sometimes we can hear the Pakistanis playing Gurdas Mann, Ataullah Khan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Nasibho Lal and Akram Rahi, Punjabi songs clearly and we can also see dancing of Pakistani soldiers Clearly.

Well still I am happy because I have many responsibilities on my shoulders of my house. Search of job has made me patriot, now consider it as my job or the country’s devotion I leave this thing to you all.

And when Pakistani soldiers go on leave then they loudly shout and say, “I am going buddy you also go on leave! If we continue to fight like this then the world will come to an end!!”(अस्सी तां चल्ले तुस्सी भी जाओ औऐ वेरियों ऐवै दुनिया लड़ लड़ के मुक जानी है )

On this occasion of Indian Army Day, we warmly greet you Indian Army ! This country is protected by you! This country, having thousands of kilometers wide chest and you people are standing for us on that chest.. JAI HIND


This Article is shared to us by Lt Col Sandeep Ahlawat which is written by his dear friend Narendra Saharan.

You can read the hindi version of this article here:

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