Ajit Kumar Doval is the Most powerful Bureaucrat now, made by Pm Modi

To help the National Security Council advising the prime minister on national security and strategic interests, the government has constituted a group headed by the National Security Advisor (NSA) called Strategic Policy Group (SPG) .

The President of the Strategic Policy Group (SPG) will be the National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Kumar Doval, who is considered close to Prime Minister Modi. This policy group will be the most important mechanism for inter-ministerial reconciliation and to include recommendations during national security policies. The special thing is that NSA Ajit Kumar Doval will become the most powerful bureaucrat by this move of the government . Significantly, the post of NSA was made in 1998.

ajit kumar doval

the most senior and powerful bureaucrat in the government  are the Cabinet Secretaries till now Who headed over this group, but now this is alone headed by Ajit  Kumar Doval. The remaining members of this group will be mainly Vice-Chairman of the Policy Commission, Cabinet Secretary, the three Army Chief, Governor of Reserve Bank, Foreign Secretary, Home Secretary, Finance Secretary and Defense Secretary.

ajit doval

Apart from these, the Secretary of Defense Production and Supplies Department, the Scientific Advisor to the Defense Minister and Secretary of the Cabinet Secretariat, top officials of Revenue, Molecular Energy, Space Departments and Intelligence Bureau. Not only this, the rest of the ministries and departments will also be called in meetings if needed.

Who are Ajit Kumar Doval

Ajit Kumar Doval is an IPS Officer of Kerala Cadre. Ajit Kumar Doval retired as director of the Intelligence Bureau in year 2005. Ajit Doval is already counted among the country’s leading bureaucrats. Ajit Kumar Doval is currently the National Security Advisor. He is said to be close to Prime Minister Modi. Ajit Kumar Doval had changed his identity for nearly 7 years in Pakistan and collected enough information. This is the reason why Pakistanis are also afraid of him. Ajit Kumar Doval is also called ‘India’s James Bond’.

After this decision Pm Narendra Modi, many media journalist criticized Pm modi and Ajit Kumar Doval. one Journalist called Shekhar Gupta said, “History made in New Delhi, rules rewritten. For the first time, we have India’s topmost IAS, IFS officers & Chiefs of 3 armed forces reporting to an IPS officer. Cabinet Secy, from being ‘clerk of the cabinet,’ is now ‘clerk’ of this Strategic Planning Group under Doval” 

After this tweet of Shekhar Gupta, IPS Association slammed Shekhar gupta and replied, “Mr Ajit Doval, IPS retd, is NSA because of his proven track record on national security. NSA is an MoS rank post. No rules are broken except those imagined by your outdated and mischievous mindset which is perpetuating caste hierarchies in services. Pity Shekhar Gupta.” 

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