Al Arabia reporter cries after seeing Turkish attack in Syria

A lady reporter of Al Arabia news channel cried after seeing the condition of people in North-East Syria. On Oct 9, Turkey launched a broad attack on Northeast Syria which is controlled by Kurdish. Turkey has started intensive bombardment in Northeast Syria after US announcement of withdrawal of its forces from Syria.

Al Arabiya TV reporter could not keep her tears while live reporting the dire situation of the North-East Syria & Rojava where displaced people are fleeing due to the Turkish bombardment & shelling.

Turkey forces are even attacking children in North-East Syria. Random Turkish airstrikes are targeting innocent civilians and children in Kurdish cities adjacent to the Syria/Turkey border in North-East Syria.

A 11-year old Mohammad Yusuf Hussain lost his life in Turkish shelling in Qamishli, Northeast Syria. His 8 year old sister, Sara Yousif lost her one leg.

Sara Yousif lost her one leg , Photo: Twitter/ cmoc_sdf
Mohammad Yousif Hussain, Photo: Twitter/ cmoc_sdf

Turkey forces even killed a woman politician from Syria who was trying to spread peace in the Syria by doing her work. Her name was Hevrin Khalaf. She was fighting for the equal rights of women in Syria She was stopped reportedly on the M4 highway in North-east Syria, and was executed on site by Turkish backed groups. She was also working to unite Arabs, Christians, and Kurds in NE Syria.

Hevrin Khalaf

Turkish army are targeting innocent children too.

A woman from Kobani is screaming at US soldiers in front one of their bases for not doing efforts to stop the Turkish offensive on NE Syria. these people fled last night due to the heavy shelling on Kobani by Turkey.

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