Al-Baghdadi’s underwear stolen by undercover agent and DNA tested to confirm his identity before US raid

The ISIS chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s underwear was stolen by an undercover agent of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and DNA was tested to confirm the identity of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi before the raid of US Delta Forces in Syria.

An Adviser of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Polat Can, posted these details on twitter that how SDF intelligence work helped locate al-Baghdadi. Polat Can is also a senior consultant to the Kurdish-led SDF.

US President Donald Trump had also mentioned the help of Kurdish forces and said the Kurds provided some information “helpful” to the operation.

“Through our own sources, we managed to confirm that Al Baghdadi had moved from Al Dashisha area in Deir Al Zor to Idlib. Since 15 May, we have been working together with the CIA to track Al Baghdadi and monitor him closely,” Polat Can said.

“One of our sources was able to reach the house where Al Baghdadi was hiding. Al Baghdadi changed his places of residence very often. He was about to move to a new place in Jerablus,”

“Our own source, who had been able to reach Al Baghdadi, brought Al Baghdadi’s underwear to conduct a DNA test and make sure (100%) that the person in question was Al Baghdadi himself,”Polat Can said.

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Polat Can also said,” More than a month ago, the decision was made to eliminate Al Baghdadi. However, the US withdrawal and the Turkish invasion prompted us to stop our special operations, including the pursuit of Al Baghdadi. The Turkish invasion caused a delay in the operation.”

Polat Can further said, ” Our intelligence source was involved in sending coordinates, directing the airdrop, participating in and making the operation a success until the last minute.”

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Polat Can also revealed that Al-Baghdadi was about to change his home locations to the Syrian town of Jarablus with the help of Abu al-Hassan was on a special mission to Jerablus to secure Al Baghdadi’s transfer to his new home.

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