All Pakistani Banks Hacked In Major Cyber Security Breach

All Pakistani Banks Hacked In Major Cyber Security Breach few days ago. Pakistan is going through severe financial crisis these days. Now Hackers have also breached the security of all pakistani banks and hacked the all Pakistani Banks Data. The Head of the Cyber ​​Crime Wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has claimed that almost all the banks in Pakistan have been hit by security. Almost all banks have been hacked. This information was given by Pakistan’s leading newspaper Dawn.

Mohammed Shoaib, director of FIA Cyber ​​Crime, said that we have received a report recently, according to which data of almost all Pakistani banks has been hacked. When the officer asked for an explanation on this, he said that the data protection of most of the banks running in the country has been stolen due to the negligence of security of Banks. Shoaib said that the hackers located outside Pakistan have entered the security system of many Pakistani banks. He said that hackers have stolen money from people’s accounts in large quantities. After this attack, he has clarified that there is a need to improve the security system of our banks.

He said that the FIA ​​has written a letter to all the banks and a meeting of banks’ heads and security management has been convened. The meeting will discuss the security of banks’ security infrastructure.

Shoaib said that the bank is the guardian of the money of those people who have collected money in the banks. Security facilities are so weak that if the money is stolen, the bank is fully responsible for it. According to Shoaib, more than 100 cases are being investigated by the agency in this regard.

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