Ambedkar’s Grandson Prakash says People who sing VANDE-MATARAM are Anti-Indians

Prakash Ambedkar, grandson of Dr. BR Ambedkar-the creator of Indian Constitution and , national president of Bharat Bahujan Mahasangh (BBM) has given a big statement about the country’s national song Vande Matram.

Prakash Ambedkar said that he would not sing Vande Mataram. He questioned that if I sing ‘Jana Gana Mana’, then I will become anti-India and will I become a true Indian by singing Vande Mataram? Addressing a program on Tuesday (October 23), Prakash Ambedkar said that when national anthem is already present in the country, then the country does not need national song i.e Vande Mataram.

He said, Jana Gana Mana is a national anthem, not Vande Mataram. When the official national anthem is present, why do we need any other song?

Prakash Ambedkar said that people who sings national anthem are called nationalists, but if  people who  does not sing Vande Mataram, how can they be traitor? He asked who are the people to give anti-national certificate to those who did not sing Vande Mataram? Hitting on BJP, he said, “Who are you giving such certificates (National-Anti-National)?” I accuse those people of being anti-India who sing Vande Mataram.

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