Home Minister Amit Shah: Oppose As Much As You want, We will not go back on Citizenship Bill

Despite the violent protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, Home Minister Amit Shah has bluntly said that no matter how much political opposition continues, Refugees will be given citizenship of India by Govt of India.

Home Minister Amit Shah said, “The refugees will get citizenship.” He will become a citizen of India and will live with respect. I want to say that whatever political opposition you have to do, do it, the government of the BJP is determined for this act.

The Home Minister made it clear that there is no provision to withdraw citizenship anywhere in the Citizenship Amendment Bill, there is a provision for granting citizenship in it. In Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, the minorities who have come here after getting victim of religious persecution will get citizenship.

Amit Shah said, “Whoever is a citizen of this country, there is no need to fear, We will not do any injustice to any Muslim of this country, I assure it.”

Amit Shah said, “The challenge to all my opponents is that you should tell in front of the people of the country that Muslims of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh who want to come to India should be accepted by India. If you can not say then do not oppose it.”

In response to a question about student’s protests, Amit Shah said that there are more than 400 universities in the country, out of which 5 are getting Protest which include Jamia Millia, JNU, Lucknow and AMU. In all the others, there was a propaganda that action was taken against the students, no student was acted upon. He also told that there is gradual peace in the Northeast, there has been no violence there for three days.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also said on 15 December, the decision was “1000 percent correct” in an election rally in Dumka for the Jharkhand assembly polls.

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