Amit Shah : PoK & Askai Chin are also part of India. Jaan de denge iske liye..!

After the passing of Jammu & Kashmir reorganization bill in Rahysabha yesterday, Today the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Bill 2019 was introduced in the Lok Sabha After the commencement of Lok Sabha proceedings at 11 am today. Along with this, the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation Amendment Bill was also introduced in the House. Both Bills are currently being discussed.

Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury : How can J&K be an internal matter?

Amit Shah replied, “Jammu & Kashmir is an integral part of Union of India. PoK & Askai Chin also come under this…Jaan de denge iske liye! “

On behalf of the Congress, MP Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary opposed the government’s decision. He alleged that Kashmir was divided overnight. The government made Jammu and Kashmir a prison. The exact information of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is not available.

In response to this, Home Minister Amit Shah while replying to them said that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. There is no legal or constitutional dispute about this. Jammu and Kashmir has also acknowledged that it is an integral part of India. When I talk of Jammu and Kashmir, PoK and Akshai Chin come into this. On the uproar of the opposition members, he said that I am angry that you do not consider PoK a part of India? We will give life for Jammu & Kashmir. PoK and Aksai Chin are also part of India.

He said that this house has seen very historic moments. Today, I want to say proudly that these proposals and bills will be written as golden words in India’s history. Parliament has the right to make laws on Jammu and Kashmir.

This bill had passed in the Upper House yesterday, after which it was to be kept in the House today. In this Bill, the state is divided into two Union Territories. The Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly will be the Union Territory, while the Legislative Assembly will not be held in Ladakh.

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