AN-32’s wreckage found in Arunachal Pradesh, No survivors from the crash of An32

Indian Air Force’s search operation has found the wreckage of AN-32 aircraft that went missing on June 3 after flying to Arunachal Pradesh from Assam’s Jorhat. Indian Air Force on Tuesday confirmed that the pieces of AN-32 aircraft have been seen at a height of 12,000 feet, 16 km north of Lipo, Arunachal Pradesh’s . According to Air Force, these pieces were seen by the Mi-17 helicopter during the operation.

Indian Air Force further said, “Efforts are now continuing to establish the status of occupants & establish survivors. Further details will be communicated as the recovery actions progress. “

This search operation was carried by Sukhoi-30, C-130 Super Hercules, P8-I Aircraft. Every effort is being made to locate the plane through drones and satellites. Apart from Air Force, Indian Navy, Indian Army, Intelligence Agencies, ITBP and Police Jawans were also engaged in this search operation.

AN-32 located at this point Source: Google map

Area is highly denses where the aircraft was located. There were 13 crew members in this plane. Mi-17 spotted the wreckage of AN-32.

Mountaineering teams of IAF , Army and Civil will be inducted tommorow by means of helicopters , to look for survivors and other things.

IAF stated that After the identification of wreckage by Mi-17, The Cheetah and ALH helicopters reached the crash site but due to high elevation and dense forest, Helicopters could not able to land at the crash site.

Nearest landing site has been identified & the rescue operation by helicopters will commence tomorrow early morning. Ground forces will continue to reach the crash site during the night.

Indian Air Force official said, ” It is sad to inform that there are no survivors from the crash of An32. “

The List of 13 crew members who were in AN-32 aircraft.

Indian Air force paid tribute to all the 13 warriors who lost his life in this crash.

Ashish Tanwar was the pilot of that AN-32 Aircraft.

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