A Young scientist awardee, ISI agent is arrested in Brahmos unit in Nagpur

A major error has been come in light in the country’s security establishment. The Anti Terror Squad of Uttar Pradesh has arrested an employee of the BrahMos unit located in Nagpur on the charge of espionage. The arrested youth is said to be the agent of the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. After this arrest, there has been a stir in the security agencies.

According to the information, a unit of UP ATS and Maharashtra Police has uncovered this matter together. The arrested youth has been named as Nishant Agarwal and it works in the unit of DRDO in Nagpur. It is being told that the arrested young man has provided many intelligence information to Pakistan.

Nishant Agarwal
Nishant Agarwal

Two weeks ago on 20th September, Nishant Agarwal awarded with the young scientist award. He was heading 40 pipeline project in DRDO which is very sensitive projects for india. He was at very important position at Brahmos Aerospace and he was leading the team of 40 people in Brahmos Aerospace. UP ATS found very sensitive information in his laptops and he was chatting with someone in pakistan via Facebook. He shared very sensitive information in his facebook chatting.

Nishant Agarwal
Nishant Agarwal with award

Nishant’s qualification :

Nishant agarwal works in DRDO unit of Nagpur. He is a former student of NIT kurukshetra. He also did intern in IIT, Roorkee and IOCL(Indian oil corporation limited). He was now working as a system engineer at Brahmos Aerospace.

Nishant Agarwal qualification
Nishant Agarwal qualification

Investigation agencies are investigating this whole case and They are investigating that there is any other employee with Nishant in this conspiracy to leak secret information or not. According to UP ATS, 2 others people are on Radar of ATS and they will be caught as soon as possible.

BrahMos is the most advanced missile system ever developed by India and Russia and it has made India the leading country in missile technology. Brahmos is a short range of RAMJET, supersonic cruise missile. The characteristic of BrahMos is that it can be fired from the ground, by air, by the submarine, ie from the warship, almost anywhere.

Features of Brahmos:

  • It can change its path in the air and it can also attack the moving target.
  • It can be fired vertical or straight, even with a launcher.
  • This missile technique can be used for the army, Navy and Air force.
  • It can fly at a height of 10 meters and It can not be caught by RADAR.
  • This missile can devastate its target by generating 1200 units of energy.
  • The speed of the BrahMos missile is three times more than the speed of the sound.
  • Unlike common missiles, this missile pulls the air and receives energy from the Ramjet technique.
  • Brahmos is neither detected by radar nor any other missile detection system. It is almost impossible to kill the Brahmos.
  • Brahmos can strike two times faster than America’s Tom Hawk. Brahmos attacking ability is more than Tom Hawk.
  • The missile target Range is 290 km and it can carry 300 kg of explosive material with it.

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