Another BSF jawan arrested in Spying case for Pakistan

Police have arrested the BSF jawan in spying case for sending India’s secret information to ‘Pakistan Intelligence operative Mirza Faisal’. Two mobile phones and SIM cards have been recovered from BSF soldier. On the basis of a written complaint from the BSF 29 Battalion, the Police of Firozpur Police Station, Sheikh Riazuddin alias Riyaz, of BSF, resident of Rana Pura District Latur Maharashtra has been sued for sending secret information to India under the Official Secrets Act, 1923 and National Security Act 1980. The nominated BSF jawan Sheikh Riazuddin has been arrested on behalf of the police. This information is given by Inspector Ranjit Singh.

He said that two mobile phones and 7 SIM cards have been recovered from the BSF personnel. Police is interrogating the arrested BSF jawan. He said that while giving written complaint to the police, Deputy Commandant, had alleged that Sheikh Riazuddin is a soldier in BSF and is acting as the operator’s duty.

According to the complaint, Sheikh Riazuddin informed the neighboring country of India about  the Secret and Classifieds BSF Organization, Pakistan’s secret information and fencing wire of the border, footage of the streets, contact numbers of the officers of the unit, social media, Facebook and Messenger from mobile phone. Sheikh Riazuddin sent these information to Pakistan Intelligence operative’s Mirza Faisal.

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