Army’s Soldier has sent information to Pakistani ISI 8 times

An Army’s Soldier named Kanchan Singh, caught for spying for the Pakistan Intelligence Operator (PIO) has sent information to Pakistan eight times. After the case of espionage came to light, the Meerut Cantonment was undergoing heavy rush throughout the day. Senior officials in all military establishment discussed the developments. From the Signal Regiment to the Army Headquarters, the echo of the case reached. The agencies of the state and central government have also been involved in the investigation with all the army’s agencies.

Kanchan Singh was Spying from 10 months:

Kanchan Singh, a resident of Bageshwar in Uttarakhand, has been caught by the Army Police for allegations of espionage. Kanchan is deployed in Meerut Cantonment for two years. He is working as a Signalman in the Inter Division Signal Regiment (IDSR) of the charging RAM division. Prior to the deployment of the IDSR, he was posted in a brigade of the same division. Three battalions of the army are deployed under the brigade. In this sense, getting caught spying for the enemy agency has become a more serious topic for the army.

Kanchan singh
Kanchan singh

Kanchan was working in Army from 10 years:

Kanchan has been working in the Indian Army for ten years. Since last ten months, he was in touch with Pakistan. Kanchan was taken over by the Army Police on October 9.

Indian Army's Signal Regiment

First of all, the investigation of the army is going on around the contact between Kanchan and Pakistan during the last 10 months. Kanchan Singh has kept some intervals in the time of negotiation and sending the documents. Initially, Army has got information about sending his documents about eight times and more than once. Strategic documents are very important for the army. Based on the same strategy, all the units of the Army are deployed at the different places.

Army is recovering records from old Kanchan’s mobile phones and exchanging documents. Some of his Pakistani numbers and the documents  which were sent by kanchan, are being recovered. The IT specialists of private computers and other equipment are investigating. The information collected from gadgets will also be presented as evidence against Kanchan Singh in the IT Act. Investigators are investigating bank accounts of Kanchan too.

ATS will also investigate
The terrorism watchdog (ATS) has also been activated after being apprehended by a soldier’s army in Meerut. It is being ascertained that what kind of information leaked by the young man to Pakistan. However, the ATS will not directly interfere with the case being linked to the Army. It is noteworthy that the jawan working in a signal regiment located in Meerut Cantonment has been caught in the case of espionage. ATS has long been investigating the people associated with security agencies in connection with the ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence agency. In the past, ATS had caught BSF jawan Achyutanand Mishra in the case of espionage. BSF jawan was a victim of Honeytrap. Since then, ATS is keeping an eye on social media networks.

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