Arunachal Pradesh police beaten the Army Jawans shamelessly, warned by CO

On 3 Nov Two Army personnel,s illegaly arrested & detained from bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh at budhamahotsav festival function by local police lead by SHO alleged them intoxicated. Police officials took both of them to police stn & beaten them mercilessly, both are admitted in hospital now.

This is clearly the contravention of Army Act & Section 475, Where any offence by Military personnel is dealt under Army law & Commanding officer is required to be informed.

When Major rank officer went to police station to get them back , Khaki chaps argued with officer ,misbehaved & refused to release. Thereafter Colonel Firdosh Dubash (CO) went S.P office for realese of soldiers & educate them about Law . In return S.P argued & tried to misbehave with Colonel which enraged & infuriated accompanying Soldiers lead to serious scuffle. Resulted Army Soldiers beaten ‘khaki dharis’ & vandalise s.p office & Police station .

I condem this imature act by police authorities they don’t have guts to respond local parshads & Mp,s who punched, slapped IPS & police officials in uniform many times. Khaki chaps thought they will easily get away with this . Don’t forget this is Indian Army we know how to respect & get it back. Senior civil authorities should advise local adminstration to be careful & abide law . This incident is totally condemnable & not in favor of democratic set up of our nation.

Major gaurav Arya praises the CO.

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