Arunchal Villagers get Rs. 38 crores compensation after 56 yrs of Indo-Chin war

After 56 years of Indo-China war, the villagers of Arunachal Pradesh have received about 38 crore rupees as compensation for their land. In fact, the army had acquired their land to make their bunkers and barracks. Union Home Minister Kiren Rijiju and Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Friday gave a check for the amount of compensation to villagers in a special program organized in western Khemang district. 

Kiren Rijiju said, “Total 37.73 crore rupees have been given to the villagers. It was a community land, so the amount that they got will be shared between the villagers.

After the 1962 Indo-China war, the army had acquired a large number of land for its base, bunker, barracks and roads, bridges and other construction works. 54 crores rupees were distributed to 152 families of three villages in West Khemang district in April 2017. Another installment of 158 crores was given to the villagers in September last year. This amount was given in compensation of their private land. Their land was acquired by the army.

In February 2018, Rs. 40.80 crores were given to 31 families in Tawang district. The pending cases of land acquisition in Arunachal Pradesh were from Tawang, West Khemang, Upper Subansiri, Dibang Valley and Western Siang districts. The people who have got much benefit from this compensation, the three of them are Prem Dorjee Khirme, Phuntsho Khwa, Khandu Glow . These three have become millionaires in one stroke. Rs 6.31 crore was given to Prem Dorjee Khirme. Phuntsho Khwa got Rs 6.21 crore. Khandu Glow received compensation of Rs 5.98 crore from the government. Infact, every villagers have become  millionaires after this Govt. compensation.

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