Arundhati Roy: Kashmir is not an integral part of India

Arundhati Roy is a renowned Indian Author and Booker Prize winner. She is currently in news for her statement about NPR. she has provoked people to say, ‘When government employees come to your house to ask for information, give them wrong information. Tell them your name Ranga Billa and address 7 Race Course Road.’

Arundhati Roy is also known for her anti-India comments. In past, She has given many anti-India statements about Kashmir, Indian Army and Maoists.

“Kashmir has never been an integral part of India. It is a historical fact. Even the Indian government has accepted this,” Arundhati Roy said in October, 2010 while speaking at a seminar on the theme ‘Wither Kashmir: Freedom or enslavement’ organised by Coalition of Civil Societies (CCS) in Srinagar.

“Kashmir needs freedom from India,” Arundhati Roy said in 2010.

“I am speaking of a place like India where the states like Kashmir, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Telangana, Punjab, Goa, Hyderabad are in perpetually war (i.e Military war). India is deploying its army against its own people. The state of Pakistan even did not deploy their Army against its own people, the way which the democratic Indian state did,” Arundhati Roy said in Jun, 2011.

“In North-east, the Indian Army jawans target tribals, in Kashmir and Hyderabad, they target Muslims, They target Sikhs in Punjab, India is an upper caste Hindu state that is certainly at war with minorities,” Arundhati Roy said in Jun, 2011.

This video clip is from Arundhati Roy’s talk with Professor Dibyesh Anand on democracy and dissent in China and India at the University of Westminster Regents Campus which was uploaded on YouTube on Jun 18, 2011.

Arundhati Roy is also known for her sympathy towards Naxalites. According to The Guardian Article of 2010, She termed Maoists as ‘Gandhians with guns’.

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