Asim Omer, chief of Al-Qaeda for Indian subcontinent killed in Afghanistan. He gave threat to Pm Modi

Chief of Al-Qaeda for Indian subcontinent, Maulana Asim Omer has been shot dead in Afghanistan. This information has been given by the National Security Director of Afghanistan. 

In 2015, Asim Omer released the video and threatened to attack the United States, United Nations and Prime Minister Narendra Modi as enemies of Islam.

According to Afghanistan’s National Security Director, Asim Omer was killed by an US and Afghan army in a joint operation on a Taliban compound in Musa Qala district of Helmand province on Sep 23 .

6 other AQIS ( Al-Qaeda for Indian subcontinent) members were also killed in this attack and most of them were Pakistani.

After investigation, Indian intelligence agencies revealed that Maulana Asim Omar was from India. He was a resident of Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh. Asim Omer disappeared from home in the 1990s. Later it was reported that he was in Pakistan. 

Asim Omer was also seen with Osama bin Laden in an Al Qaeda documentary after the 9/11 attacks on America. The US included him in the Global Terrorist List in 2016. Maulana Omar had also released several videos in recent years to spread jihad in India. In these videos he was seen inciting the attack on Indian investigative agencies and police. He also threatened the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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