AZAADI slogans in JNU against the removal of Article 370

Government has abolished the Article 370 from the Indian Constitution which provided the special status to Jammu & Kashmir. Along with this, the Jammu and Kashmir reorganization bill was also passed by the Modi government in Rajya Sabha, today this bill will be discussed in the Lok Sabha.

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After the decision of the Government of India to withdraw special status from Jammu and Kashmir and abolish Article 370, protest has been seen again in Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) on Monday night. The slogan of Azadi-Azadi was once again heard inside the JNU campus late on Monday night. A few people shouted slogans in the night and demanded the withdrawal of decision on removal Article 370.

The language of those who raised the flag revolution & agitation from JNU is said to be extremely objectionable. They also used abusive language about the Indian army.

The extent has come when these handful of people, who have raised the slogan of Lal Salam in JNU also avoided calling themselves as Indian. In JNU, in the dark of midnight, these students ran away after seeing the media’s camera.

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