Baghdadi was crying like a child when K9 Dog chased him

US president Donald Trump revealed that ISIS chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was crying like a child when US K9 dogs chased him in the tunnel.

US President Donald Trump also released the photo of US K9 Dog which got injury in this operation and bravely chased the ISIS chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in the tunnel.

US intelligence agency CIA has confirmed that Dog is fine and back on duty.

When US Delta Force entered in Al-Baghdadi Compound then 11 children of Baghdadi were also present in this compound, who were safely evacuated from there. Like Baghdadi, his two wives also wore suicide belts but it could not explode and they were killed by Commandos of Delta Force. After this, Baghdadi along with his three children entered in a tunnel. The US Army then left behind a K9 Dogs. K9 Dogs are specially trained for this type of operation. The tunnel in which Baghdadi entered was closed from one side. According to US President Donald Trump, seeing Delta Force standing in front, Baghdadi started screaming and he was crying like a child.

After this, when Baghdadi had no way left, he blew himself with the help of a suicide belt. All three of his children were also killed in the blast. Later, the US military conducted an On The Spot DNA test of Baghdadi’s body and it was confirmed that the terrorist killed was Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. So US President Donald Trump announced this to the whole world.

This operation was named as Kayla Mueller. Kayla Mueller was a humanitarian worker from Arizona, USA. She went to Aleppo in Syria in August 2013 from Turkey and wanted to visit the hospital run by the international aid group Médecines Sans Frontières. While She was on visit of Hospital, She was captured by ISIS. She was tortured and imprisoned by ISIS and sexually abused by ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi himself. In February 2015, It was confirmed by the officials that she had died in ISIS custody due to extreme tortured at the age of 26.

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