Bankrupt Pakistan’s Hockey world cup participation in doubt due to lack of Money

The hopes of taking part of Pakistan in the Hockey World Cup which is going to organise in India this month, is in a doubt when the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) refused to give financial help to its country’s hockey team.

The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) had appealed to the PCB to send the team to Bhubaneswar and pay the players’ arrears.

Pakistan’s new chief  Taqir Dar and manager Hassan Sardar confirmed that he talked to PCB chief Ehsan Mani and urged them to provide loans for World Cup expenses. Dar said that we had to meet him on Thursday but due to some urgent issues he talked to us on the phone. He clarified that the PCB can not provide any kind of advance loan to PHF because the Board did not return the loan given to the federation during the tenure of Lieutenant General (Retd) Taqir Jiya. The leader said that Mani said in a clear statement It is not possible to give new loans to the board due to old debt because they have to answer their financial advisors and the auditors. They said that However, PCB chief assured that we will talk to the government and sponsors to get out of financial crisis.

PCB Secretary Shahbaz Ahmed also told PTI that the possibility of the national team participating in the World Cup is going down because the government has not given a reply to the application of grant of Rs 80 lakh to the PHF. He said that we have now written directly to the Prime Minister’s Secretariat to issue the grant within a week. If it does not happen then it would be very difficult for us to send the team to India. The World Cup will be played from November 28 to December 16 in Bhubaneswar.

Shahbaz said that if we can not send the team to India, it will not only affect our image in the hockey world but we also have to face the FIH fines. Dar said that he told Mani that he should tell the Prime Minister that instead of giving money to the PHF, the government can pay a direct payment to the hotel bill and players’ dues. Players have not even received the daily allowances of the Asian Champions Trophy and camps organized by this tournament. In order to ensure visas from the Indian High Commission, the PHF has already applied, as Pakistan’s junior team could not come to India for the Junior World Cup due to not getting visa two years ago. The camp for the World Cup however started from Lahore on Wednesday.

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