Bharat Bandh: See the some cruel reality of Today Bandh

Today Bharat Bandh was called due to rise in petrol prizes but you cant do Bandh like riots. due to this Bandh many people suffered and one 2 yrs child died in jahanbad, Bihar. Everyone has a right to protest but what is happening today? Petrol pumps and buses being set ablaze, putting to risk lives. A child died after an ambulance was stuck in the protests in Bihar‘s Jehanabad. lets see some cruel reality of this Bharat Bandh:

1) A two years child died in Jahanabad Bihar:

2) people are throwing stone at running train: 

3) People broke the bus in bihar. Is this possible to down the petrol price by destroying the bus and manhandling the tourists?


4) 3 school buses attacked by protesters: You’re conducting Bandh & overseeing whether it’s being truly observed or not. Hope you’re doing it because you’re much concerned about the miserable condition of people in india Then how can U be so brute to Attack on school bus! It’s completely Disgraceful for BharatBandh

5) Burning tyre on road has now become passion to protest: can any one explain me the real meaning. Every one who go for protesting start burning tyre destroy plants and increase the pollution level globally. Should we take serious action to these haters? Wake up its time to punish these goons.While staging protest or during any kind of BANDH people should not burn anything specially tyre, vehicle etc, causes harm to our environment.

This is the some cruel face of today bharat Bandh. what do you think about this Bharat Bandh. comment us your thinking in the comment box.

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