Big Insult : No US officials came to receive Pakistan PM Imran Khan at the airport in US

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan arrived in America on Saturday afternoon under his three-day official visit. Imran Khan will meet with US President Donald Trump in the White House on Monday regarding the poor economy and security related problems . Imran Khan has faced big insult at the airport, when he reached USA.

Imran Khan in Qatar Airways

Imran Khan reached the US airport from the Qatar Airways flight but No US government officials came to welcome him at airport. Imran Khan was not even recieved via any state protocol The situation became such that Imran had to go from the airport with his own foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi from the airport to the hotel and in the meantime there was no U.S. official with him besides the Pakistani officials.

It is reported that Pakistan Embassy in Washington has confirmed Pakistan offered to pay $250,000 for the US State Department to arrange official welcome/protocol of Imran Khan by senior US officials at airport but American apologized to do so. Imran Khan has to use an airport bus to get to the terminal. It is the biggest humiliation ever in history of any visiting PM to USA.

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