BSF jawan honey-trapped by Pakistan’s ISI- What is honey trap?

UP ATS has arrested BSF jawan Achyutanand Mishra from Gautambuddh Nagar (Noida) in the case of HoneyTrap. He used to be friend of a woman from Facebook and leaked confidential information to terrorist organization ISI. The arrested youth originally belongs to the Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. Noida unit of UP ATS has arrested him. UP’s DGP OP Singh said that BSF jawan Achyutanand Mishra had friendship with the fake Facebook ID created by the name of a foreign woman on social media and gave him all information of the armed forces. While acknowledging his crime in the initial inquiry, he has acknowledged that he had shared the information of the BSF and Army training centers.

What is a honey trap?

The honey trap is one of the most common tropes present in spy thrillers where an attractive man or woman is used to gain secrets from an individual, usually in a position of power in the state. The most well-known master of this practice was Markus Wolf, an East German spymaster who is said to have used good-looking male spies to target single, lonely women in West Germany, the secretaries of powerful individuals.

UP Director General of Police (DGP) OP Singh told a press conference on Wednesday (September 19th) that ATS has arrested constable Achyutanand Mishra of Gautam Buddha Nagar in Sector-18, Noida, on Wednesday for sharing confidential information with the agent of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. He said that Achyutanand Mishra, resident of Rewa in Madhya Pradesh, has been arrested on charges of sharing the confidential and sensitive information of the country with the ISI.

Sepoy Achyutanand was admitted to the BSF in 2006 and was hunted by Honey-Trap in the year 2016 when he made a friendship with a woman telling the army reporter on Facebook. The accused saved the name of that friend in the name of ‘Pakistani friend’ on his phone and in his talks, many confidential information (details of the unit, details of weapon ammunition, photos and videos of BSF premises) had been shared.

source: Zee News

In this regard, the Chandigarh unit of Military Intelligence informed the ATS. After that on 17th and 18th September, the ATS and BSF officials questioned him and extracted his data in Noida, on the basis of which Mishra was found to be guilty under the official secret act.

DGP told that in the initial inquiry, Mishra has accepted his crime that he has given BSF and Army information to ISI. He said that Bank accounts of Mishra are being investigated. This will show that Mishra has taken any money from ISI instead of sharing information. He said that a case will be lodged against Mishra in other streams including treason.

On the other hand, IG Asim Arun told that the arrested jawan was chatting for a long time from the Pakistani number on Whatsapp. In Chating, he was also being influenced by talking about anti-India talk about Kashmir & religion changing. There have been many more evidence from his Facebook ID and mobile.

Some days ago a Lt. Col of Air Force also arrested in Honey-Trap case.

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