Sacrificing Own Life, 15 Year Old Cadet Amit Raj of Sainik School Saves Three Children Out of Fire

15 year old Cadet Amit Raj of Sainik School, Purulia sacrificed his own life while saving the lives of three children. Amit Raj was a 10th class student of Purulia Sainik School and he belonged to Nalanda district of Bihar.

On 7 December, Amit Raj was in his hometown when a major fire broke out in a house in his neighbourhood. Cadet Amit Raj, even at the perils of his life jumped inside the house, which was in flames, when he heard the helpless screams of the trapped children. At the cost of his life, Cadet Amit Raj saved all three children.

Cadet Amit Raj sustained 85% burn while saving the lives of three children. He was referred to Safdarjung hospital due to worsening situation and finally succumbed to his injuries on 13th December.

“Amit Raj will continue to inspire future generations with his courage and bravery. Indian Army salutes the supreme sacrifice of the Braveheart,” said Indian Army on Twitter.

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