Capt Ruchi Sharma, First Operational Paratrooper Of Indian Army.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked his twitter followers to share the stories of brave and inspiring women using the hashtag #SheInspiresUs. Many Twitter users posted the stories of extraordinary women. Ministry of Defence has also shared a story of Indian Army’s first operational paratrooper, Captain Ruchi Sharma.

Captain Ruchi Sharma joined the Indian Army in 1996 and became the first woman operational paratrooper. She served Indian Army till 2003.

Story of Captain Ruchi Sharma was shared by the Principal Spokesperson, Ministry of Defence. Principal Spokesperson of MoD wrote on Twitter, “Capt Ruchi Sharma, first operational paratrooper of the Indian Army. She still motivates women of all ages to serve the country”.

“I was ready for combat and as an individual I think women should be given a chance to take up combat arms,” Captain Ruchi Sharma said to Tribune India.

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