Cattle smugglers are now attaching explosives on the neck of Cattle at Indo-Bangladesh Border

Indo-Bangladesh borders are the hub of Cattle smuggling but now the Border security force (BSF) troops have tightened the security at Indo-Bangladesh borders & Because of this, It is impossible to do cattle smuggling now. Generally Cattle smugglers use river to smuggle the cattle. They tie cattle heads with banana tree so that cattle can easily cross the river without sinking. They generally use the riverine border areas of district Murshidabad, Malda, 24 parganas for cattle smuggling.

This is how Cattle Smuggling is done at Indo-Bangladesh Border via rivers. See the video:

Now to harm BSF troops, cattle smugglers are tying socket/crude bombs on the neck of Cattle and dropping them into river so that when BSF personal try to catch the Cattle it gets blasted and injury is caused to BSF.

Cow Smuggling at Indo-Bangladesh Border
Crude Bomb found on Cattle’s Neck

Everyday BSF troops are seizing around 400-500 cattle from riverine border areas of district Murshidabad, Malda & 24 parganas (North & South). Here is the data of last few days:

24/25 Jul 2019 :

23/24 Jul 2019 :

22/23 Jul 2019 :

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