CCTV footage reveals pre-planned protests in Mangaluru, Stones/Bricks were brought in Tempos

Mangaluru Police has released the CCTV footage of protests in Mangaluru on 19 December which shows that It was a pre-planned protest. In the protest on 19 December in Mangaluru, two people lost their lives due to police firing.

According to CCTV Footage, This protest was pre-planned. 7 CCTV footage taken from different areas during the protests reveal the pre-planning of protest. The footage showed how a mob surrounded the Mangalore North Police Station.

According to footage of CCTV camera, some people are seen deactivating the CCTV camera of street and homes, Some are unloading the goods at gunpoint from a tempo near the police station. Some people take out bags on the road, others attack the police by taking stones from these bags filled with stones.

Watch The video:

CCTV footage shows that The crowd first gather outside Rao and Rao Circle and the DC office and then starts heading towards the Bunder Police Station. At the same time, all the four roads leading to Bunder police station are blocked by protesters so that the police force does not come there.

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